Syd - Madison (Chad Perrone)

from by The Who's That Pack

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You can download Chad's original recording of this song here:


About This Recording:

I initially was planning to do a "power pop" version of this song. In fact, I had picked out an Alkaline Trio song and a tempo to sort of mimic. When I mentioned this on a conference call, Tim suggested that might be a little predictable seeing as my recent recorded work was in that same vein. He used different words, but that was the jist.

At the time, I was working with Zac Clark on his upcoming record. We listened to the song together and he had the idea to do this sort of jangly honky-tonk version. We recorded his piano and my electric guitar at Lane Gibson's studio in Vermont on the last day of tracking Zac's record at about 2 in the morning after a whole day of tracking.

I took the tracks back to LA and recorded drums, bass, some percussion and the vocal. All in one afternoon, which was not the original plan, but things went really quickly. I was inspired by the drumming of Mick Fleetwood and some of the recording techniques Fleetwood Mac used.

There's a tune on "Tusk" called "What Makes You Think You're The One" that just has this disgusting snare sound that I love and you can tell Mick loves it too, because he's just hammering that drum. I found out that sound comes from an old cassette tape recorder. They had built-in limiters on those machines that would give you this great, dirty sound. So, I figured my 21st century equivalent was the mic on my iPhone and I placed that under the snare. Now, it doesn't have the benefit of going to tape, so I though there might be some nasty digital clipping, but it turns out it clips in a funny way that has some personality.

The best part of this project always is getting to know your friends songs in a whole different way. I cut some lyrics and Zac and I changed some chords, but I tried to remain true to the idea that the tune was, for me, about wanting something so bad and it remaining just out of reach...maybe.



from Volume 2 (New Directions), released February 19, 2010
Syd - drums, bass, guitar, vocals
Zac Clark - piano, concept




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