Tim Blane - Safe From The Water (Todd Martin)

from by The Who's That Pack

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You can download Todd's original recording of this song here:


About This Recording:

I was torn when I picked Todd Martin’s, “Safe From the Water” as my WTP cover.
It’s my favorite song from his album, “Mont Clare,” and might be my favorite Todd song, period. So I knew I’d have fun with it.
At the same time, I knew that to create a legit reimagining of the song, I’d have to leave out the utterly irresistible guitar hook that opens it. And that felt like being told I could have all the ice cream I wanted, but no toppings. Nevertheless, I pushed on…

I figured if I couldn’t use that riff, then I wasn’t going to use guitar at all. So I sat at the piano and thought, “How would Tori Amos open this song?”
Then I picked a couple drum loops (using Spectrasonics' “Stylus” for the music nerds out there) and some crazy synth sounds and I was off and running.

For the vocals, I first set out to try the Imogen Heap style auto-tuned chorus. And then I totally overdid it with the main vocal, and it ended up sounding more like TPain with his head in a toilet bowl. And I was, frankly, ok with that. Cause what better audio imagery for a tune called, “Safe from the Water” than vocals that sound like underwater bling?

So, there you have it. Take enough LSD and the song arrangement will make sense to you. And so will the existence of man. But that’s for another discussion.


from Volume 2 (New Directions), released February 19, 2010




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